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New Feature: Contributor Works in Progress

On the “Contributor Works in Progress” page, I’ll look forward to posting a summary of your work in progress or of studies or research you’re conducting, whether or not you plan to submit your work for publication. Summaries should be 1,000 words or fewer. Send me what you would like me to post using the contact form on the page. In posting, I’ll include your contact information so others with similar interests can hook up. You may also leave comments or updates via the “leave a reply” form. Email and usernames are optional on that form, so be sure to include them if you want others to be able to get in touch.

Author: vanderso

I'm a recently retired associate professor of English in Southern Indiana. I've been teaching writing for twenty-five years, but I feel I have much to learn about how people really learn to write. In this blog, I'll be sharing research and thoughts and hopefully gathering information from others about the process of learning to write.

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