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Reading, Commenting, and Posting

As CCW grows, please help me develop and refine the process of  interaction to serve as many visitors as possible in productive ways.

The following are the start-up procedures. Hopefully they will prove to work well. If problems arise, we will address them:


Summaries appear in the right sidebar under “Summaries by vanderso,” titled with the names of the article author(s), the journal title (abbreviated or full), and the date the article appeared. You can access the summaries in several ways:

  • Via “Summaries by vanderso” in the sidebar
  • On the “Summaries” page
  • Via “Archives” in the sidebar
  • Via “Categories” or “Tags”in the sidebar,  which will take you to posts included in those categories or with those tags.

As you read, if you see typos or specific errors of citation, please let me know via the Contact page so that I can make timely corrections.

Current Journal Abbreviations:

  • CCC = College Composition and Communication
  • CE = College English
  • CF = Composition Forum
  • CS – Composition Studies
  • C&C = Computers & Composition
  • P – Pedagogy
  • RTE = Research in the Teaching of English
  • WPA = Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators


  • You may comment under any name or avatar you choose. No registration is required.
  • You may reveal as much as you like about yourself and/or your affiliation as you like. If you wish to enter an email address, website, and name or avatar in the form, please do so!
  • It’s my understanding that there is no limit on the length of comments.
  • “Recent Comments” in the sidebar will digest the most recent comments chronologically. To see more comments, scroll after each summary.

Posting Your Own Summaries

  • For now, if you wish to add a guest summary of an article you like or your own summary of an article I have summarized, please send me your text using the contact form below and I will post it on “Contributor Summaries. ” Recommended length: 600-1000 words.

Contacting Me Personally

Write to me personally by using the contact form here or on the “Contact Me” page.



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