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Welcome to College Composition Weekly!

CCW is a free web site and blog where you can

  • Read summaries of articles from major composition journals;
  • Critique, comment on, and expand on the summaries;
  • Post your own summaries of articles that interest you;
  • NEW! Post summaries of your work in progress or of studies you are conducting.

Read “About This Blog” to learn more about this site.

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KOTR Tatiana300Personal News: I’ve republished my previously published mystery/suspense novels as ebooks via Smashwords. They are now available at Amazon here and here as well as at ebook retailers Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Oyster, and Scribd. Visit my web site,, for other direct links and sample chapters for King of the Roses and Blood Lies. Please “like” or write reviews!BL Tatiana300

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